European Folk Art designs uploaded to Etsy

Jenn Anderson Design - New Designs 07.21.13


Continuing with the Northern European Folk Art theme, three new designs have been uploaded to my Etsy shop. All three are clip art bundles ready for printing or resizing for any project you’re working on.


New doodles and designs

Jenn Anderson Design ©2013 Fire

Four new clip art bundles have been uploaded at the Etsy shop and among the many projects in the works at the moment, a new series on habitat loss is consuming hard drive space on the Mac:


how to: handcrafted shrink plastic bracelet

finished charms make a cute bracelet

[Previously posted on Jenn’s Boundless Blog]

Last week I found a new transfer medium for my design images, shrink plastic! An updated version of the classic shrinky-dink from our youth, this plastic medium is really fun to work with. […]

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