Back to Back tagSteven Anderson’s approach to the acting process stems from more than forty years of acting study while pursing his career in the television, film and theater industries. Working in the entertainment industry gave him the opportunity to put each technique he learned to the test as he continued to refine his craft. From this refinement he created a variety of tools, games and exercises that he utilizes in the Actorswork process. This approach is based on heightened awareness of each moment, listening, bodywork, impulse, and outward directed focus. His classes are structured so that each actor learns to recognize and utilize the energy inherent in each moment and not try to manufacture a false state of being. That way each actor can experience giving a performance that is alive, energetic and compelling to watch. Because the process is allowed to progress organically according to each actor’s unique methods of learning and pace, a confidence builds in a craft that will naturally transform and mature hand in hand with the actor’s own growth.Each class has been created to be an intimate space where actors can take risks with their work in a safe environment. An ensemble atmosphere where growth and flexibility is encouraged naturally evolves from this process. Classes and workshops are kept small in number to make sure each actor can put the process on its feet and integrate it into their craft.

The Actorswork process is an experiential, active process and as such actors will be working every class with their fellow actors and with the full class in exercises and games. When auditing any class or workshop, auditors will be asked to participate so the ensemble atmosphere is maintained.